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Don't Tell Peta


When searching for another phone number, Diablo came across the listing for a Walnut Creek-based business called Dead Squirrel Inc. We had to call.

Diablo: I just came across this phone number and wondered what you do.

DSI: We do service work on wood windows and doors in private homes.

D: Why "Dead Squirrel Inc."?

DSI: We were originally Window Wizards, but when we went to incorporate, that name was already taken. My husband and I have a small Merlot grapevine that is overrun with squirrels. We figured Dead Squirrel Inc. wouldn’t be taken.

D: It wasn’t?

DSI: Actually, if you run a search online, you’ll find a Web site of a very militant group in the South that wants all squirrels dead, as well as some world leaders. So we always say we do not have a Web site. And we refer to ourselves as DSI Window Wizards.

D: Have you ever killed squirrels?

DSI: No, we have not. We’re squirrel friendly.

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