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Pet Peeves


What really chaps your hide? Diablo is asking readers to tell us about their gripes—so maybe folks will think twice about cutting you off in traffic, or making cell phone calls during a movie. Here are some of the angry, anonymous responses we’ve received so far:

People who walk four across, bike two across, or walk their dogs on a fully extended leash, taking up the width of the entire Iron Horse Trail from those who are trying to pass them in either direction.

All the damn SUVs with "W" bumper stickers that cut me off or honk at me—because I’m riding my bike!

People who talk on their cell phone while waiting in line at the Danville Andronico’s. I’m in a hurry and they are just chatting away while putting each item on the counter, slowwwwly, because they are just too preoccupied with their conversation.

Someone got a parking ticket in Walnut Creek because his car was too small! There is a parking section for monster vehicles, like Hummers and Expeditions, only.

The absolute worst: people who do not RSVP for a party invitation. You go to all the trouble to organize a party, and they can’t manage responding? You don’t know if you have 20 or 200 coming for dinner!

Keep ’em coming! E-mail your gripes to: petpeeves@maildiablo.com.

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