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Pickup Some bananas


A man with roses is either in love or in the doghouse.

With a shopping list, he’s quite clearly married. And a cart full of bananas? Well, that’s open to interpretation. According to savvy singletons, organic markets are back in vogue—besting bars as the place to pick up or be picked up—and the trend du jour is heading straight to our suburbs. So the next time you’re cruising the aisles of Andronico’s or Whole Foods, don’t be surprised if you become embroiled in a hotbed of flirtation and furtive glances. There are unspoken rules however, as in all the usual domains of courtship, so don’t be careless about what you throw into your shopping cart. Grocery items speak volumes. We asked some anonymous thirtysomethings to give us a quick guide to what-means-what:

Cans of soup = Why don’t you buy me dinner?

Peppermint schnapps = What is the harm in a nightcap?

Loitering by the frozen dinners = Let’s heat things up at my place.

Bananas in the top section of your cart = You don’t have to buy me dinner.

More than one can of Dairy Whip = You be the entrée. I’ll be dessert.

Pet food = I can’t stay all night because I have to take care of my dog.

Basket instead of a cart = Meet you at the express register.


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