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Fertility Facts

By the Numbers


Old-fashioned whoopee isn’t the only way babies get made these days, as an increasing number of women are delaying childbearing into their less-fertile thirties or forties. We’ve entered a brave new world of blastocyst embryo transfers and FedEx sperm delivery.

22 Percentage of the 35,144 East Bay babies born in 2004 to women 35 and older.

123,000 Approximate number of “assisted reproductive technology” procedures performed in the United States in 2003. These procedures resulted in the births of about 49,000 babies, some 51 percent of whom arrived along with at least one sibling.

$20,000 Estimated cost of one cycle of in vitro fertilization, using donor eggs, at the San Ramon–based Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area.

325 Number of moms who, since 2001, have participated in Doubletalk, a 925-based support group for parents of twins. Most of these moms are 35 and older and many underwent fertility treatments to become pregnant.

$230 Cost for overnight delivery of a liquid nitrogen vapor tank with frozen sperm for home insemination from Berkeley’s Sperm Bank of California. 

Sources: California Department of Health; U.S. Centers for Disease Control; Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area; Doubletalk; Sperm Bank of California

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