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Q&A with Dance Flick star Chelsea Makela

Diablo sits down with the the Brentwood-native before her movie debut.


Courtesy of Chelsea Makela


Brentwood native Chelsea Makela is living every young actor’s dream. Two weeks after moving to LA, she landed a role in a big movie: Dance Flick, a spoof of (I predict) Hairspray, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, and (I hope) Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Dance Flick is a Wayans Brothers production, the never-subtle comedy clan that brought us Scary Movie, Little Man, and White Chicks (worldwide box office of $500 million-plus). I caught up with Makeala while she was on the set filming reshoots, a few weeks before the film’s initial release date (February 6). Just after we shipped the February Diablo to the printer, I found out that Dance Flick’s release has been delayed until Memorial Day. Still, here’s my chat with Chelsea.


Diablo: Hi Chelsea. Congratulations on your starring role in Dance Flick. Is this your first role in a movie?
Chelsea Makela: This is my first anything! I was in LA for about two weeks when I got this part. I had auditioned for two or three TV shows though.

Not bad, two weeks in town and you get a big movie. And you had never auditioned for anything?
No, I had auditioned before, when I was living in Brentwood. My mom and I would drive back and forth for auditions from Brentwood, but that was during the writer’s strike, and there wasn’t a lot happening. So I moved to L.A. in March of last year. I auditioned for Dance Flick, and then had a callback audition for the whole Wayans family.

What are the Wayans brothers like in person?
The Wayans brothers are incredible. Great people and genius comedians. They are lots of fun. The cast is all very new to Hollywood, and it’s really cool to work for the Wayans family, they make it really easy. There’s lots of hanging out on the set. After they would get initial shots, they’d encourage us to improv, and get some different takes. So much fun.

Did you know what the film was about when you auditioned?
No, when I was auditioning, I did not know what the film was about. Then at the table read, I realized it was a dance parody.

What dance films are you spoofing? Is it modern stuff like Hairspray and Dirty Dancing, or old-school movies like 42nd Street and Top Hat?
More modern than that. Hairspray, You Got Served, Dirty Dancing….Dirty Dancing is about the oldest one. Think ‘80s, ‘90s and present day.

Do you have a favorite scene or joke that we should watch out for?
The whole movie is absolutely hilarious. My personal favorite, or one of them, is being in a scene with Marlon Wayans. There are so many jokes we are not allowed to talk about, we’re not supposed to spoil them. It will have to be a surprise.

Fair enough. How about this: If you were going to go see this movie back home with your friends, where would you see it?
I would go see it at the Delta Cinemas in Brentwood. It’s the only theater in town. I always liked to go to the late night showings with kids from high school. I remember seeing Shrek on a school field trip. That’s where I’d go!

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