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Now Cancer has Nowhere to Run. Nowhere to Hide.

The future of cancer care is here with immunotherapy.


Cancer is a criminal, of the most notorious kind.  Breaking into your body, it’s a cell that doesn’t respect tissue boundaries, eventually knocking down the door into the lymph nodes and blood stream, taking what it wants and evading capture. 

The immune system tries to protect the body, but until recently, cancer was too elusive of a criminal, camouflaging itself amongst the good guys. 

Unfortunately for cancer, there’s a new sheriff in town – immunotherapy.

Because cancer cells are normal cells that have gone haywire, with the ability to divide and spread at a rapid rate, until recently, cancer could mask itself.  The immune system can now differentiate between the normal and cancer cells, or the good guys and bad guys.

The cancer cell can no longer hide.  Immunotherapy turns on all the lights in the house and alerts the authorities, your immune system, that there is an intruder in the body. 

Prior to immunotherapy, the only treatment available to combat against this intruder was chemotherapy.  While chemotherapy can be effective in stopping, and in some instances eliminating, the rapidly dividing cells, because it in essence bathes the body in chemicals, it can also kill the healthy cells. And the cancer cells can still remain at large.

With more development of treatment therapies in the last 2 years, than in the last 20 years, we now have the ability to be more selective.  Cancer cells can be directly targeted, and in more cases, presenting the opportunity to replace toxic therapies. 

Additional benefits of immunotherapy included elimination or minimization of side effects of cancer treatment including nausea and hair loss.

The future of Oncology and the fight against the evasive criminal of cancer is here with immunotherapy.   One of the first practices in the Bay Area to provide immunotherapy for prostate cancer, including major Northern California medical institutions, Contra Costa Oncology continues to be at the forefront of technology and this fight.


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