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A Healthy Reminder

A new service from an Orinda resident reminds you via e-mail or text message to take your medications

Mark Matcho

Do you worry whether your dad took his heart pills? Well, worry no more, since the creation of Remember It Now, a website designed by Orinda resident Pamela Swingley.

Frustrated with her father’s forgetting to take his glaucoma medication on time—or at all—Swingley created an online “e-health” service that reminds people when to take their meds by sending an e-mail or a text message to their phone.

Up and running just a few months, Remember It Now has already won rave reviews from PC Magazine, which complimented the site as “sleeker and easier” than similar services from Microsoft and Google.

Acknowledging that not everyone is tech savvy, Swingley designed the software from a patient’s point of view, keeping it “super simple and not embarrassing.” Swingley’s 81-year-old father, Bob, now takes his medicine as scheduled about 95 percent of the time. “It has been the most exciting year of my life,” Swingley says. “It’s been really rewarding.”

For information, go to rememberitnow.com.

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