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Pet Peeves


We hate to start the New Year by complaining, but there are a few aspects of East Bay life that really chap our hide.

For instance:

Late mergers at the Caldecott Tunnel. They cruise past in the left lane, then squeeze into line at the last moment. Even worse: drivers who exit to the right, like they’re going to Cal Shakes, then make a left and rejoin the flow. We’re sure those valuable nanoseconds you think you’re saving are worth stressing the rest of us out. Really.


Cell phone dead zones: the Clayton side of Ygnacio Valley Road; Highway 24, between Orinda and Lafayette; north on I-680, after Danville, before Alamo. Can you hear me now? Didn’t think so.


Lafayette lights: There are five traffic lights between Diablo Foods and Albertsons on Mt. Diablo Boulevard. Hit one red, and you hit ’em all.


Commercials before theater movies. Absolutely unacceptable. Blackhawk Movies, this means you.


OK, enough of our whining. Diablo wants to know your East Bay gripes. Anonymous notes are fine. If we print your peeve, you’ll get a gift certificate for a nearby restaurant. E-mail your best shot to petpeeves@maildiablo.com.

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