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Fast Times


Most people’s idea of making good time at Yosemite involves getting there in less than four hours. For Lafayette resident Hans Florine, it’s about scaling the face of Half Dome twice in one day.

Florine, 41, is a pioneer in the world of speed climbing, a division of rock climbing favoring the quick and nimble. Since competing in the first national event in 1988, he has been named USA National Speed Climbing Champion nine times, most recently in 2005.

When not darting up the steep cliffs of the Sierra, Florine balances his time between raising a family and speaking professionally. Florine’s motivational talks synthesize his climbing career and his business degree to show listeners how to bring his need-for-speed attitude into their workplace.

Florine speaks to everyone from the action-driven REI set to the more corporate-minded folks at IBM, discussing an “effective speed” method of organizing work, meeting goals, and living a healthy life.

“As opposed to hustling and hurrying, you have time to relax,” says Florine. “The faster you do it, the easier you will say yes to doing it every day.”

For information visit www.hansflorine.com.

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