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Meditations with Lynch


David Lynch, the director who brought us such weird, critically acclaimed works as Eraserhead, Mulholland Dr., and Twin Peaks, is helping East Bay kids learn Transcendental Meditation. It’s not for his next movie, but to transform education. Lynch’s foundation is funding research at schools across the country to see how TM can help kids with attention deficit disorder. One school is in the East Bay, but its location won’t be disclosed until the project is complete.

I’m someone who knows nothing about meditation. Will you explain how it helps in education?

Consciousness-based education is just like regular education. It’s the same intellectual knowledge, facts, and information coming in. But students can experience subtler levels of mind and intellect when they learn to “dive within” that ocean of pure consciousness, intelligence, coherence, and peace through meditation.
I’ve seen students start unfolding this deeper level of consciousness. You see these faces shining with inner happiness, with intelligence and energy. You see how they get along with their fellow students. Grades go up; IQ goes up; happiness goes up. Instead of hating to go to school, they love it.

And you say it’s especially good at helping adolescents handle stress?

Hate, anger, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, over time, appear less and less. The analogy is, when the sun comes up, darkness naturally goes away. A heavy load is taken off the child, and they go through life with so much more energy and inner strength. It’s a beautiful phenomenon.

At what age are children able to start practicing?

There’s a walking mantra, in which students focus on elements in their surroundings, for when you are four or five or six. The sitting mantra, in which students focus within themselves, can start when you are 10. IQ peaks at about 16 years of age. Then the brain starts to atrophy, unless it is exercised.

Parents might not think this is a practical approach to education.

It’s very pragmatic and common sense. Educating a young person is like packing knowledge into a container. [TM] expands the container. Parents who see it happening are happy parents, and they say, “Oh, my golly, this is beautiful.”

Dive into www.davidlynchfoundation.org or www.eastbaytm.org.

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