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Winter Shimmer


Michele Dispensa used to be a regular tri-Valley sun worshipper. “I used to lay out in the sun all the time,” says the fair-skinned Danville native, “but I got to a certain age and realized how damaging it was to my sensitive skin.”

Dispensa, 38, now lives in New York, where she has developed a line of beauty products called Relish to protect women’s skin from the aging effects of the sun. Still, she indulges the desire for a tan with a safe, won’t-turn-you-orange self-tanner she calls Golden Glow Shimmer. The iridescent lotion gives skin a warm glow with a trace of gold sparkle. It’s particularly helpful when you need to don that strappy—or strapless—dress.

Available at The Body Adventure, 160 E. Prospect Ave., Danville, (925) 552-9999, and www.relishbeauty.com.

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