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LIbrary LOLs


The Livermore Public Library’s new Instant Messaging Service has an answer—for even the most absurd questions.

Then Diablo learned that the library is offering reference help via popular Internet instant message systems—the first library in the area to do so—we decided to give it a test run. We were pleased with the responses: The librarian replied in timely, straightforward, and earnest fashion.

We first asked if pole dancing was born out of Polish tradition. Despite doubting a link between the two, librarian Renee located a plethora of pole dancing resources, including information on the annual Miss Pole Dance competition. Next, we asked for some French dog commands in order to better communicate with a bichon frise. Renee supplied the requested translations but also informed us that the bichon frise breed is Mediterranean in origin and suggested learning Spanish as well. Finally, if you’ve ever wondered where the best places in the Tri-Valley to search for UFOs are, you aren’t alone. Apparently, Livermore is bustling with alien sightings; it topped the list Renee gathered from the National UFO Reporting Center’s website. Take that, Roswell!

Livermore Library’s IM service is available 3–5 p.m. Mon.–Thurs. Send queries to LivermoreLibrary on AIM and Yahoo Instant Messenger, and LivermoreLibrary@hotmail.com on MSN messenger. 

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