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New Year, New Exercise


Marc Rosenthal

Tired of the treadmill? Sick of spin class? You can get into shape with these new exercise routines. Try mind-body workouts you can do at home or a dance-based routine that will get your heart pumping. Or how about going totally retro?

Chi Running

Chi running’s mantra is ready, set, relax. By incorporating the inner focus of tai chi into a running regimen, chi running encourages you to relax and let gravity do the work. The exercise emphasizes core, or torso, muscles (which are stronger and more efficient than leg muscles) and can help prevent shin splints and other running-related injuries. Chi running/chi walking master instructor Chris Griffin teaches workshops in the Bay Area. For information, visit www.chirunning.com.


For T-Tapp, less is more. Imagine a non-impact exercise program where you can reshape your body, flatten your belly, improve body density, and lower blood sugar without jumping up and down, using wieghts, or even going to the gym. Developed by fitness expert Teresa Tapp, movements like I Dream of Jeannie and Hoe Downs make this aerobic body-sculpting program fun. Trainer Lani Muelrath will resent a T-Tapp workshop on February 2 at the Rennaissance ClubSport in Walnut Creek; visit www.lanimuelrath.com for more information about classes and online workouts. To order Teresa Tapp's book, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, and her series of instructional videos, visit www.t-tapp.com.


Zumba is more like a dance party than an exercise routine. In fact, salsa, calypso, merengue, flamenco, and belly dance are just a few of the dances in a typical class set to Latin and international music. Based on the principle that a workout should be fun, Zumba is easy to learn, and you’ll have such a good time, you’ll never even look at the clock. For an East Bay class schedule or to purchase DVDs, visit www.zumba.com.

Hula Hooping

If you thought hula hoops went out with poodle skirts, think again. Hula hooping is back as a high-energy, low-impact workout. Hooping guru Roseanna Masters, aka Miss Rosie, teaches classes every Sunday at Studio Rasa and on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7th Heaven Yoga, both locations in Berkeley. For schedules, go to www.hooliehoop.com.

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