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Berkeley Brain Buster


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All over the world, people recognize Berkeley as a hotbed of free speech, fresh food, and political correctness. But, even East Bay natives will be surprised by some of the obscure information presented in Dave Weinstein’s meticulously researched, highly entertaining new book, It Came From Berkeley. Here’s a quick quiz about our famously liberal city: Which of these Berkeley “facts” is not reported in the book?


A: There were slaves in North Berkeley in the 1860s.C: The origins of hot tubs, national parks, and the atomic bomb can all be traced directly to Berkeley.
B: Rock star Ozzy Osbourne worked at a soda fountain in the Elmwood neighborhood.D: America’s craving for gourmet coffee began in an empty paint store at the corner of Oxford and Vine.



Answer: B. The Ozzie Osborne who ran Ozzie’s Soda Fountain for many years was not the guy who sang “Crazy Train.” To read more about A, C, and D, and see book excerpts, click HERE.

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