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Adventure Yoga

Contort your view of yoga at Crunch


Courtesy of Crunch Fitness

I heard that AntiGravity Yoga is so fun, it makes people want to run away and join the circus. I thought, this I have to try.
Created for Crunch gyms by a New York dancer and gymnast, AntiGravity Yoga looks more like Cirque du Soleil than yoga class. Using a hammock like a soft trapeze, antigravity yogis stretch, flip, and fly to lengthen muscles, relieve compressed joints, and increase flexibility.

As I stand before my hammock, gazing up at the bolts that attach it to the ceiling, I can’t help but ponder the prospect of falling on my head—until instructor Lisa Andrews assures me the hammock can hold more than 1,000 pounds. So, I sit down and start to swing.

The hammock allows for an impressive backward stretch and a deeper downward-facing dog. I even balance on my belly—and fly! Then comes the tough stuff.

Truth is, hanging upside down can be uncomfortable. And it’s not as elegant as you might have hoped. My backflip doesn’t happen. Holding onto the hammock, I swing my legs forward, but they come crashing down like lead weights. “After a few classes, you trust more in the system, instructors, and yourself,” Andrews says. “People think they can’t do it. But they soon realize they can hang like a vampire, do a backflip, and be a bit superhuman.”

As I walk to my car, that pleasant postyoga Jell-O feeling creeps in. The next day, I feel like I’ve been hanging from my arms for weeks. They hurt. But who said joining the circus was going to be easy?

Visit crunch.com to download a guest pass for a free class at Crunch gym in Blackhawk Plaza.

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