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Cheat Sheet: Super Bowling

See how the pros get rolling.


Images Courtesy of the Professional Bowlers Association

Turn off the Wii, and get a taste of truly competitive bowling action, when the Professional Bowlers Association Tour rolls through the East Bay. The Earl Anthony Memorial tournament—named for the six-time PBA Player of the Year, whose eponymous lanes are in Dublin—hosts the country’s top bowlers, January 26–30. Here’s your cheat sheet.

Game Day: Obviously, there are no team colors to don, but why not break out your vintage bowling shirt? Expect bleacher seating and hot dog and hamburger fare.

Learn the Lingo: Action: Spin on the ball and movement of the pins caused by it. Bed posts: The seven–10 split. Body English: Movements and contortions of the body intended to steer the ball as it travels down the lane. Messenger: The name given to the pin that rolls into another pin to get a strike or break up a split.

Who to Look For: Rookie of the Year for 2010 and winner of last year’s tournament, 27-year-old Anthony LaCaze
(pictured at top), returns to defend his title. Also in the mix: reigning Player of the Year, Walter Ray Williams Jr., and Kelly Kulick, the first woman to win a PBA Tour title.

Instant Replay: New this season, the tournament director can ask for instant replay during televised events. Instant replay in bowling? Yep. This ensures more accurate calls on foul-line infractions.

Play with the Pros: Amateur bowlers young and old can rub elbows with the professionals at pro-am events on Wednesday and Saturday. Get coaching advice and autographs—and if you’re really good, take home a cash prize.

I’m on TV! The top four rollers will square off for $20,000 in the ESPN–televised tournament finals on Sunday, January 30. Tickets are $15–$60, but get ’em soon. It will sell out.

Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl, 6750 Regional St., Dublin, (925) 828-7550, earlanthonysdublinbowl.com. For tickets and information, go to pba.com.

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