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Life of Pie

Treat yourself to a mini or “two­‑bite” pie!


Photo by Donna Givens

Pietisserie owner Jaynelle St. Jean knows that folks can be hesitant to buy a whole pie after Christmas and Thanksgiving. That’s why she started making her pies smaller.

“I started making the mini pies sort of out of necessity last year because no one wanted regular pies after the holidays,” she says. “Turns out, they were a hit right away.”

And now, the many fans of St. Jean—who specializes in made-from-scratch pies with eclectic flavors like mojito custard, Okinawan sweet potato, and beet—always know where to find her. After several nomadic years spent selling and baking in myriad East Bay locations (“I think I have keys to every restaurant kitchen in Old Oakland,” she says, laughing), St. Jean finally found a full-time home at Nido. The farm-to-fork Mexican restaurant that debuted in Jack London Square last fall offered baking space, and even a faux “country window” out of which St. Jean can serve her fresh-baked pies every morning.

Now, if even a mini pie sounds rich after the holidays, don’t worry: St. Jean sells even tinier “two­‑bite” pies.

For more info, go to pietisserie.com.


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