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Taste of the Bay

Monthly food box delivers locally made products to your doorstep.


Photos by Jennifer MartinÉ

When Maricela Yee moved to the East Bay two years ago, she was immediately inspired by the vibrant DIY food culture.

“I got really into pickling and preserving, and I had all these leftovers,” she says. “So I had this idea to start a kind of CSA where I can give this stuff away to people who want to explore different tastes and flavors.”

The idea expanded when Yee discovered the Bay Area’s wealth of artisanal food producers, who were “doing it professionally and really well, and were more creative than I could ever be.” Thus was formed Little Shop Artisan Box, a rotating selection of small-batch goodies made by local food-makers that Yee curates and sends to subscribers every month. (The “spicy” January box is pictured.)  

“I get really stoked because the producers I meet are so passionate about what they do. The focus is on quality, not quantity, and you can taste that.”

Boxes are $25 to $50. For more information, go to littleshopartisanbox.com.


Jalapeño cranberry jelly

Jenny’s Jars


“Jen Cordaro makes unique flavors, only jars within seasons, and keeps it green, refusing to buy from any big-box stores or big farms. This jelly is stimulatingly tart, with a mellow heat.”

Coconut chili macadamia nuts

Oren’s Kitchen

El Cerrito

“Arnon Oren roasts savory nuts and flavors them in small batches. Toasted coconut shavings, red chilies, and a touch of local honey lend a cooling heat to the macadamia nuts.”

Venezuelan chocolate with chili pepper sea salt

Barlovento Chocolates


“Owner Peter Brydon is a chocoholic turned chocolatier. He loves spice and incorporates the heat of ghost chilies and habanero into the salt: It makes for an outrageous bar,” says Yee.

Roasted heirloom tomatoes and tomatillo salsa



“The newest salsa maker in town, Mark Sorensen roasts heirloom tomatoes and tomatillos from local farmers for perfectly seasoned hot salsa.”  

Jalapeño jerky

Jerk N’ Pickle

San Mateo

“David, David, and Denise capture the essence of pure intense jalapeño flavor without intense heat. The grass-fed beef is not hard on the jaw—and easy on the taste buds.”

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