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Beautiful Baskets

Check out these fun, decorative baskets!


Courtesy of Marie Estorge

Marie Estorge keeps one of her decorative baskets on her desk at work. It gets a lot of love: Everyone wants to pick it up, to feel the fuzzy fabrics, and to examine the colorful weave of ribbons, beads, and yarn.

Her boss is a fan, too, especially enjoying the whimsy of the sculptural and nonfunctional form. “Is it a cake?” he asks. “Or is it a hat?” Then he flips the basket over and tries it on his head.

Estorge, a Walnut Creek crafter, loves experimenting with different materials, and sells the designs on Etsy. She is planning to make an all-metal version from nuts and bolts, and another one with zippers. Think of what fun her boss will have with that.

View or purchase Estorge’s work at etsy.com/shop/marieestorgedesigns.

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