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Flow and Fly

Learn about AcroYoga and find a class near you.


Kadri Kurgun

Think your bow pose could use some pick-me-up? Try it with two feet up and balanced atop a partner’s toes.

AcroYoga, a mix of traditional yoga, acrobatics, and the healing arts (like massage) developed in Berkeley, is gaining momentum both locally and globally.

The movement’s co-founder, Jason Nemer, was a competitive acrobat, representing the United States at the World Championships of Sports Acrobatics at age 16, before taking his first yoga class in college. Through yoga, Nemer was able to enjoy the process of opening the body and connecting spiritually, breathing new life into his acrobatics. After teaming up with circus artist Jenny Sauer-Klein, the idea for AcroYoga was born.

“There was a big need in the yoga community to express connection, partnership, and playfulness,” Nemer recalls. In AcroYoga, the acrobatic approach of training in spite of bodily restrictions, combined with the yogic health philosophy of honoring the body, creates a fine balance.

“The yogis have an understanding of how to find ease,” Nemer says, “and the acrobats have the skill set.”

If flipping upside down and bending while balancing with a partner sounds daunting, fear not: AcroYoga classes cater to all levels of practitioners, so beginners and seasoned athletes can om in midair.

For more info and to find a class near you, visit acroyoga.org.

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