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Diablo Magazine Spotify Account

Follow Diablo Magazine (diablo_magazine) on Spotify and keep an eye out for new playlists to hear the latest in East Bay music.


Here at Diablo, we're all guilty of listening to a little music at our desks—and we suspect we're not the only ones. In case your work day needs a lift, your party needs fresh tunes, or you're looking to add some East Bay sound to your rotation, we've launched the Diablo Spotify account. Follow us at diablo_magazine, and listen to our first playlist, which highlights some of the East Bay artists featured in our January 2015 issue. We'll keep adding playlists, so keep checking back!

Goapele’s “Thicker Than Glass” album, 2014

Branches’ “Thou Art the Dream” album, 2012

K.Flay’s “Life as a Dog” LP, 2014



  1. Strong as Glass, Goapele
  2. Hey Boy (feat. Snoop Dogg), Goapele
  3. Insanity, Goapele
  4. Perfect, Goapele
  5. What in the World, Goapele
  6. My Love (feat. Eric Benet), Goapele
  7. Powerful, Goapele
  8. Some Call it Love, Goapele
  9. Last Days, Goapele
  10. Truth is, Goapele
  11. Helicopter, Branches
  12. Letters, Branches
  13. Humming, Branches
  14. Lullaby, Branches
  15. Rocking Chairs, Branches
  16. To the Desert, Branches
  17. Planes, Branches
  18. Going Home, Branches
  19. I Built a Home, Branches
  20. Lines, Branches
  21. Sun and Moon, Branches
  22. Wishing Well, Branches
  23. In Your Eyes, Branches
  24. Everyone I Know, K.Flay
  25. Make Me Fade, K.Flay
  26. Can’t Sleep, K.Flay
  27. Wishing It Was You, K.Flay
  28. Fever, K.Flay
  29. Bad Things, K.Flay
  30. I’m Good, K.Flay
  31. Turn it Around, K.Flay
  32. Thicker Than Dust, K.Flay
  33. Time for You, K.Flay
  34. Get it Right, K.Flay


Branches’ covers:

YouTube link: soundslikebranches



Cover of Beyonce’s “Halo”

Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”

White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”


To purchase songs from any of these artists on iTunes:




Mall Walk (not on Spotify or iTunes)

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