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Search Results

Ever since video website Youtube.com hit the scene, anyone with a video camera and an Internet connection has been able to become a filmmaker with an audience. To survey the local talent pool, we entered East Bay into the website’s search engine.

“Journey to the End of the East Bay” A German TV clip of Berkeley punk band Rancid performing “Journey to the End of the East Bay.” Good stuff.

“1-Day Time Lapse View of San Francisco From East Bay” Twenty-four hours fly by in 1 minute, 21 seconds. Very pretty—looking forward to the filmmaker’s next project.

“KP DRAGONS: Dragon Boat East Bay” For a good cause, a team of volunteers from Kaiser Permanente builds a rowboat that looks like a dragon. File under “guess you had to be there.”

“East Bay Gay Guys July Event” A bunch of guys wearing leather vests and no shirts flex and pose at an AIDS emergency fund calendar photo shoot. Not as racy as it sounds.

“Amsterdam: Return of East Bay Grease” Two guys, possibly from the East Bay, tour public squares and pot cafés in Amsterdam. Some nice location shots but overall kind of meandering and listless.

“East Bay Rats Boom” Some dude shoots a rifle at a tank of propane, causing it to explode in a giant ball of fire. Unsafe and uncool.

“East Bay View, Mount Tamalpais” A very pretty shot of the East Bay from Mount Tam. A nice way to spend 19 seconds between checking e-mail and updating fantasy baseball picks.

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