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Marvel-ous You Say?


Courtesy of Brandon Malale

Concord native Brandon Molale has his sights set on the role of a lifetime—superhero Captain Marvel—and he has a legion of Internet geeks behind him. When plans for a live-action movie based on Captain Marvel were recently announced, there was a virtual tsunami of support from fan boys for Molale, a beefy former football star turned actor, who bears a striking resemblance to the DC Comics superhero.

Though big stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jake Gyllenhaal have been rumored to be in the running to play Captain Marvel, fans at the massive Comic-Con convention and reporters at E! and other entertainment sites have kept up the buzz for Molale, who’s keeping his fingers crossed.
“I’ve been getting messages from fans all over the world through my MySpace page,” says Molale. “I would love to play the character, but I’m not an A-list celebrity. If it happens, it would be fantastic. I know what I have to do to make it true both to the old-school fans and to the new generation.”

Molale, 36, has had a good streak going since moving to Hollywood in 1999. A big break came in 2002, when Adam Sandler cast him in the blockbuster Mr. Deeds. Molale went on to appear in the hit comedies The Longest Yard and Dodgeball, and the Tom Cruise thrillers Mission Impossible III and Collateral. This month, he’s onscreen with Eddie Murphy in the comedy Meet Dave. “It was awesome to work with Eddie; he’s one of my biggest comic heroes,” says Molale. “I absolutely loved him growing up.”

Of all the idols he's worked with, Molale says his biggest thrill was cracking up Oscar-winner Christopher Walken on the set of last year’s ping-pong comedy, Balls of Fury.

“I had been doing this impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set, and Walken called me over just before filming a big scene,” says Molale, demonstrating both his Schwarzenegger and Walken voices. “He said, ‘Uh, big guy, I want to hear the Arnold—I need inspiration.’ I went into my impression full force, and he just cracked up.”

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