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State of Zin

Try a yoga and wine class.


Skye Morgan

Anyone who’s gone wine tasting knows that after a while, all those Cabs, Zins, and Petite Syrahs can start to blur together. Luckily, Wente Vineyard’s winemaker, Karl Wente, has just the thing to beat those sipping blahs. 

“Yoga puts me in a Zen-like mind for wine tasting,” Wente says. “Tasting 100–150 wines at a time is very challenging. Sometimes, in the middle of a flight, I’ll do a headstand.”

Call it downward detox…

“After yoga, I experience a freshness,” Wente says. “I can taste without expectations, identifying the aromatics and mouthfeel more precisely.”

So he officially combined the two, creating a series of yoga and wine classes with Suzanna Spring from Livermore’s Cosmic Dog Yoga studio. The two-hour sessions include a one-hour all-levels yoga class followed by a half hour of sipping some of the Livermore winery’s finest, along with a sampling of artisanal cheeses.

Does yoga really make you a better oenophile? Well, we took a pretzel-posed trial run last year, and after an hour of heavy-breathing concentration, and sips of the lightly oaked 2010 Riva Ranch Chardonnay and the velvety 2009 Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon, we exhaled a heartfelt “namaste.”

Upcoming classes on July 12 and another in early September, $15–$25, (925) 456-2405, wentevineyards.com.


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