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Audio Art

Alamo couple transforms sound clips into uniquely personal home decor.


Courtesy of Born Of Sound; Clip recorded by Ben Delcastillo

Thousands of fans chanted, “Let’s go, Warriors,” as Golden State faced off against San Antonio in the NBA playoffs, the voices forming a rhythmic buzz pierced by claps and whistles. The blue shape pictured above captures those few seconds in a wispy three-dimensional form that follows the ebb, flow, and density of the sound waves.

Born of Sound, a new website by Alamo’s Jenelle and Ashik Mohan, converts audio clips into gallery-worthy works of abstract art. The couple came up with the idea while viewing the sound file of one of Ashik’s saxophone recordings on the computer followed by an ultrasound appointment for their first child. “I thought, let’s record the heartbeat and see what it looks like,” says Jenelle. “When I look at [the form] now, it reminds me of all the excitement of that time.”

Customers can upload sound files, choose the style and color of the form, and select paper or canvas printing—which costs from $249 to $749. The audio is run through computer software to clean it up and capture the physical shape of its energy. The result is a unique and personal sound form–turned–statement piece for the home.

Among Born of Sound’s first projects were a wedding proposal, a voicemail from a recently deceased relative, and the rumble of a classic car engine. “We’ve been impressed with how creative people are,” says Jenelle. “Each artwork comes with its own story.”

For information, visit bornofsound.com.


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