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Bay Curious Podcast

This podcast investigates local quandaries and oddities.


Bay Curious host Olivia Allen-Price // by Vinnee Tong/KQED

Whether you’re a Bay Area native or newcomer, the region is ripe with mystery. What makes San Francisco sourdough special? How did hella start? Why are there no strip clubs in Oakland?

KQED’s weekly podcast Bay Curious tackles these and other quirky questions submitted and voted on by listeners from San Jose to Sacramento. Since the podcast launched last November, Bay Curious host Olivia Allen-Price and her team have been hunting for answers that get to the heart of what makes this area unique.

“We have an extra bountiful basket of quirks here because the area has such history and diversity, and just this rich culture,” says Allen-Price.

Bay Curious takes listeners all around the area, including to AT&T Park, where a reporter discovers the reason San Francisco Giants fans refuse to do the Wave—which allegedly started across the Bay at an Oakland
A’s game.

“I didn’t expect [it] to lead us to what ultimately was one of the most fascinating people that I’ve met in years: this originator, this guy who helped start the Wave named Krazy George. He’s been doing this for 40 years,” says Allen-Price of the superfan.

But some questions will always remain a mystery, like the wrecked car that’s been rusting for decades on a Mount Tamalpais hiking trail.

“I got us going on it, thinking, ‘This has got to be easy; there’s certainly a newspaper record.’ And there wasn’t,” says Allen-Price. “So, we spent a lot of time figuring out as much as we could about the car and tried to make the episode about the journey.”

For area natives, Bay Curious answers nagging questions and corrects long-standing lore. And Allen-Price says transplants like herself will find help decoding the Bay’s quirky culture.

“You have this phenomenon of a lot of people coming into our community and wanting to know more about it, and to learn the history and cultural tones that make this place what it is,” she says. “And I think our podcast is helping to be kind of a guidebook for newcomers.”

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