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Pet Peeves


You probably heard about the Oakley man who cringes every time he hears someone say “Mount Diablo” because the name offends his religious sensibilities. Here are some other East Bay people’s peeves:

!No Touching: People who go into supermarkets and help themselves to handfuls of food from the bins, and then proceed to walk around the store eating. I believe that’s called “grazing”—also known as stealing.

!California Casual to the Max: People who go into nice restaurants on Friday and Saturday nights wearing jeans or shorts and baseball caps.

!At Least They Won’t Get Good Parking Spots When They Are Burning in Hell: Perfectly healthy people using the handicap parking spaces simply because they are lazy.

!Dumb Dialers: People who call and leave a message and say, “Call me” without leaving a call-back number.

!I’ll Give You a Password: When, online, you find a newspaper article, and then you click on the link and you have to sign up for an account. I don’t know how many times I’ve signed up for a Contra Costa Times account, but I’m not doing it any more!

!Take It Outside, Folks: People talking on their cell phones in the library.

Keep ’em coming! Pour us more whine at: petpeeves@maildiablo.com.


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