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Take a Hike, Get a View


The Hike: The Lafayette Reservoir Rim Trail is kind of like a rollercoaster—except you provide the power. Constant ups and downs make this a fairly strenuous hike, but you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding 900-plus acres of watershed.

Starting Point
: At either edge of the parking lot, you’ll see paths leading to the 2.7-mile paved Lakeside Trail. Look for a dirt fire road, leading up into the hills, to access the 4.7-mile rim trail.

Be On The Lookout: As you follow the rise and fall of the path, which circles the reservoir, keep an eye out for young birds, who’ll be learning to fly in June. You might also catch sight of the speedy Campolindo High School cross-country team. You’ll come across plenty of raptors, and you may even spot a bald eagle or a bobcat. If that sounds a bit wild—it is.

More Info: (925) 284-9669; www.ebmud.com/services/recreation/east_bay/lafayette.

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