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Summer of Sequoias

The Oakland Museum of California's new exhibit highlights the magnificence—and vulnerability—of California's massive trees.


Jeff Jones

If you don’t have time for a camping trip to California’s spectacular Sequoia National Park this summer, the Oakland Museum of California has the next best thing. The museum’s new exhibit, Future of Sequoias: Sustaining Parklands in the 21st Century, features 26 stunning photographs of Sequoiadendron giganteum, the ancient trees that grow exclusively in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Alas, even these massive beauties—which can grow to a height of 280 feet—are endangered by pollution and other environmental hazards. The exhibit matches photographer Jeff Jones’ pictures with call-to-action prose by retired National Park Interpretive Ranger William Tweed.

“We like to think about national parks as the places where the good guys won, where the future is secure,” says Tweed. “But the situation is no longer that simple. Future of Sequoias highlights the evolving frontier between preservation and environmental deterioration.”

Future of Sequoias runs through August 23, museumca.org.

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