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The Toys are Back in Town

Wind yourself up for Emeryville-based Pixar's newest masterpiece, Toy Story 3


Courtesy of Disney/Pixar

It's been 15 years since Pixar changed movies forever. In 1995, the Emeryville-based animation studio (then located in Point Richmond) launched its first feature, Toy Story. With its cutting-edge animation, smart screenplay, and perfectly cast voice work, Toy Story took family entertainment to new heights. The 1999 follow-up, Toy Story 2, is the rare case of a sequel surpassing the original. On June 18, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, and the rest of the playful cast are back in theaters in Toy Story 3. Here are three reasons we’re excited about the newest installment of Pixar’s greatest franchise.

Eye-Popping Visuals: Each Pixar film sets a new standard for state-of-the-art computer animation. Toy Story 3 has been crafted for 3-D presentation and will be the first Pixar release in the massive IMAX format.

Toys Imitate Art: Another delightful Toy Story success story is that fictional characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear have become actual iconic toys. The same could happen for TS3’s new character, Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear. Pixar’s clever PR team introduced the purple teddy to fans by uploading a fake 1980s TV commercial for the toy onto YouTube—complete with squiggly VHS distortion.

Hold Onto Your Heartstrings: No recent children’s films have made as many parents tear up as Pixar’s brilliant Wall*E and Up. Since Toy Story 3 deals with a child moving off to college ... well, bring a box of Kleenex.

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