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Get Juiced

Living Apothecary offers the latest twist on the juicing craze: cold-pressing.


Paige Hemreck

Kale. Golden beets. Collard greens. Cucumber. Watermelon rind?

Not foods we’re used to seeing in nonsolid form, but welcome to the brave new world of juicing, where it seems that anything edible is fair game for liquefaction.

“There’s not much we won’t try,” says Shari Stein Curry, co-owner of the Living Apothecary.

Selling at the Lafayette and Temescal farmers markets, the year-old Oakland company is one of the first in the East Bay to tap into juicing’s latest trend: cold-pressing.

In this time-consuming process, fruits and veggies are ground slowly then pressed with the aim of preserving nutrients, vitamins, and living enzymes.

Health benefits are up for debate, but there’s no denying the pristine flavors captured in the dozen or so elixirs, which Curry recommends drinking within 72 hours for best taste and nutrition.

Curry says her ex-gig as a bar manager helped her mix up concoctions like Elixir No. 14: collard greens, kale, lettuce, cucumber, basil, pear, blueberry, and lemon.

“I’m constantly trying to find ways to make green juice taste yummy.”


For information, visit livingapothecary.com. For more local juicers, go to diablomag.com/juicing.


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