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Music Man

Odd Jobs: Dan “Fingers” Rodowicz, the organ player for the Oakland A’s.


Joe Budd


Name: Dan Rodowicz  Age: 49  City: Moraga  Job: Organist for the Oakland Athletics

Dan “Fingers” Rodowicz learned to play piano as a kid, competed internationally, and is now a regional sales manager for Yamaha. But during baseball season, he moonlights as the organ player for the Oakland A’s.

Office Space

Rodowicz’s tiny skybox high above third base is arguably the best office view, ever.

Tools of the Trade

Erase any notions of a grand pipe organ: Rodowicz sits before a Tyros 4 keyboard. “It can sound like a classic organ, but it has contemporary sounds, too,” he says. “You might hear ‘Play That Funky Music’ or the ‘Beer Barrel Polka.’ It’s like having a full band.”

All in a Day’s Work

If the A’s win, Rodowicz’s go-to song is “Celebration.” And he always begins with “It’s a Beautiful Day for a Ball Game.”

Industry Anxiety

He never tires of playing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” but it always seems to be on his mind: “I have nightmares about it. My biggest fear is messing it up in front of thousands of people.”

Playing by the Rules

Rules prohibit music when the ball is in play or the batter is in the box. “You’ll notice I play ‘Let’s Go, Oakland’ on a foul ball,” he says, “because typically, the player steps out of the box, adjusts his glove, and kicks the dirt a bit.”

Just Another Day at the Office

“Walking out of the players’ entrance one night, I met Jerry Blevins and Josh Reddick. Jerry shook my hand and said, ‘Fingers!? The guys in the bullpen love you.’ It’s odd that all the baseball players know who I am.”


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