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Q&A with Shelley Lindgren

A16 is expanding to Rockridge!


Frankie Frankeny

A16 Rockridge

Shelley Lindgren

A16, one of San Francisco’s most critically acclaimed restaurants, is expanding to Rockridge this month. We caught up with co-owner and wine director Shelley Lindgren. She is the driving force behind the Italian hot spot that has racked up awards—including multiple James Beard nominations—for its regional fare and painstakingly chosen wine list.

How will the new restaurant be different?

[Executive chef] Rocky Maselli’s family is from Puglia, so there’s more emphasis on seafood. We want to keep the same casual neighborhood vibe and atmosphere.

What should I order?

We have dishes we’re known for our Burrata and definitely the pizza. We just bought a Stefano Ferrara oven, which will be the centerpiece of the restaurant. It’s hand built in Naples, and there’s this beautiful warmth about it. I never thought I’d get so attached to an oven!

You’re known for popularizing Southern Italian wine in the U.S.: Why?

Well, I think they’re great,  and they go really well with our food. It also so happens that when we first opened, people were more interested in Barolos and Chiantis, and this huge stock of Southern Italian wines was just collecting dust: They were almost giving it away.

So, your family’s Italian?

No, but I went to Catholic school for 16 years, so I always felt like that sort of qualified me.


CLICK HERE for Lindgren's guide to Southern Italian wine.


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