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Walnut Creek's Tea Party

Experience Sinceretea, a modern teahouse.


At Sinceretea, guests can savor a made-to-order egg puff (pictured) alongside their drink.

Photo by Michelle Chou Photography

Jenny Luong grew up drinking tea at home every day. In college, she got into boba, or bubble tea, the popular Taiwanese drink that adds tapioca balls to the mix. Now married with a young child, Luong and her husband, Cyrus Cao, craved something a little more grown-up—“a tea version of Starbucks,” as she says—so the couple started brewing.

Sinceretea (pronounced sincerity) launched in San Jose in 2017 and expanded to Walnut Creek in February. The North Main Street shop is serene and stylish, with clean lines, light wood, and lots of greenery and sunlight. A jar filled with reusable metal straws, going for $3.50 apiece, sits beside an iPad register.

The teas are brewed daily and span the globe, from Chinese oolong to English Earl Grey to Japanese matcha (Indian chai and Mexican horchata are slated to arrive later this year), and they couple nicely with milk and house-made jelly. Boba is here too, as an add-on. But the most unique creations are the “Specialteas,” bright blends of green tea, fruit, veggies, herbs, and ice, prepared in a cocktail shaker.

“Tea drinking has been around a long time in a lot of countries,” Luong says. “But in the U.S., it isn’t as popular as coffee. We are trying to spread the word about tea, its culture, and its benefits.”


Open daily from noon to 9 p.m. sinceretea.net.


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