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New Zoo Revue


Psst. Hey, parents. Here’s something you’ve gotta do this summer. The Oakland Zoo will debut its new Children’s Interactive Zoo exhibits in June. Here’s a map to some of the highlights. Oakland Zoo, 9777 Golf Links Rd., Oakland, (510) 632-9525, www.oaklandzoo.org.

Unbe-weave-able: The Insect House will be home to an orb spider, which spins the biggest webs in the world.

That’s a Croc: No, it’s a Gator: Alligator Alley has an underwater viewing area that lets you see the bellies of the beasts.

Lily Pad Walk: Because today’s kids love the hip-hop.

Don’t Keep Your Hands to Yourself: The new Petting Zoo features the cleanest barn you’ve ever seen.

You Otter Be in Pictures: A pool is the playground for river otters. Watch them from above or below in the viewing area.

Shell Game: Two of the oldest tortoises in captivity (more than 100 years old). Someone call Willard Scott!

Leapin’ Lemurs: Fans of PBS’s Zoboomafoo will love to watch these bushy-tailed tree climbers.

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