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Pet Peeves


It’s bad enough that the downtown Walnut Creek library’s got the fewest parking spaces of any library in the county, but the worst is folks who grab those spots at 6 p.m. and then go to dinner. Hey, you cretins—the library’s open until 8 p.m.!

Blinkering for a spot in the parking lot at Costco only to have someone coming from the opposite direction zoom right into it.

After waiting in a long line at Costco to be checked out by an observant cashier, I have to stand in line again near the exit, without putting my receipt away, so a silly black line can be drawn on my receipt, yet they do not compare any of my items in the cart with what’s printed on the receipt.

It would help traffic flow in downtown Lafayette if businesses were required to display their address number in a clear and standard manner. How many times have you had to drive past a place more than once before finding it?

Without a doubt, I get most irritated when dining (that’s taking enough time to enjoy the food, not just "eating"), and someone in the restaurant takes cell phone calls at his table. I have witnessed the man at the next table dial up his buddies and discuss how his evening is going, or might go, while his date is in the restroom. I have not been able to enjoy a luncheon with friends because someone across the room decided this was when and where she would close a business deal. A local contractor constantly gave instructions to his work crew for the duration of another meal. Do these people believe they are so important that everyone should have to hear?

"KCBS." "KCBS." "KCBS." How many times an hour do you think KCBS radio says, "KCBS"? I counted. The answer is 75! I know it’s KCBS. Enough already!

The advertising strip you have to tear off in order to read the Sunday comics in the Contra Costa Times.

My pet peeve is that our beautiful East Bay looks like a trash heap. Litter is everywhere: on the roadside, on the freeway, on the off-ramps. What a pity to destroy a beautiful environment when all a person has to do is take responsibility.

Keep ’em coming! Send your gripes to: petpeeves@maildiablo.com.

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