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Diablo Magazine March 2007

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The East Bay's New Nightlife

Back in the ’70s, a wild night in Walnut Creek meant that some kid dumped a box of laundry soap in a sidewalk fountain after watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the El Rey Theater. And even today, our suburban communities can seem sleepy. When Diablo sent an e-mail blast to our A-List, asking readers to tell us their favorite nightlife spots, the response was almost unanimous: They wanted new ideas about places to go dancing or to hear live music or to meet for a drink. Fortunately, as our cities have become more sophisticated, so have our entertainment options. Diabloland now has a wealth of chic new nightclubs and music venues, and even a few art galleries that throw ragers. Here’s our list of great hot spots. We threw in a few of our East Bay classics, just in case you still haven’t sipped champagne while taking in the best view of San Francisco from this side of the Bay or danced the two-step under a collection of 134-year-old cowboy boots.

Local Luxe

Born into Boot Camp

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A Conversation with Michael Chabon

Squaw Valley in Summer

Hunter for Hire

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Speak of the Devil

Bloggers vs. Ellen Taushcer

Win Disney On Ice Tickets

East Bay Irish

Shop Talk

Housing Crunch

Confessions of a Binge Eater

Kids Pilates

Met Multiplex

The Final Frontier

Lighten Things Up

Party Like a Rock Star

The Wedding Weekend

Transplant Awareness

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Food Scene

Vanessa's Bistro

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Web Extras

Accessories Style Tips

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