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Accessories Style Tips


It’s the finishing touch—accessories—that can take an outfit from drab to fab. What’s too little or too much? Here are a few tips on things to consider when accessorizing.

• Remember to keep pieces in proportion with your size. A petite woman with giant dangle earrings will look out of sync. Likewise, a tall or full-size gal cannot get away with tiny hoop earrings.
• Layering necklaces is a great idea this season, and you can mix metals. Just make sure they have some common design element and are somewhat delicate.
• When jewelry comes as a threesome—matching earrings, necklace, and bracelet—go for two of the three, and either omit the third piece altogether or wear something that complements the other two. For example, a matching necklace and bracelet can be coordinated with diamond studs or simple hoop earrings.
• Less is more. You don’t need to wear the headband and the necklace and earrings and multiple bracelets and a bold belt and several rings. Wearing too many pieces results in a mess.
• Buy jewelry as a souvenir when traveling, so when you wear it later, it’ll remind you of a special vacation—and instantly take you there!

Finally, don’t forget to purge your jewelry from days gone by—the heavy accessories from the ’80s should be relegated to the family costume box for safekeeping until they come back in style.

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