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Here Comes the Sun

Oakland sunscreen company gets high marks for protection and safety.


YOU SLATHER your kids with sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, and then you hear that sunscreen either doesn’t work or can pose other health dangers because of the chemicals in it. So, what do you do?

Well, before you go building an anti-UV dome over your backyard, check out TruKid Sunny Days Face Stick Mineral Sunscreen and TruKid Sunny Days Mineral Sunscreen lotion. Developed by an Oakland company, the products got excellent ratings on the list of safe, effective sunscreens by the top industry watchdog agency, the Environmental Working Group.

Face Stick came in second among 952 sunscreens tested; the lotion came in 38th. Both products have an SPF of 30, and unlike some of the white-paste sunscreens that have aced the EWG’s testing, neither will make your child look like a Kabuki theater performer.

Try TruKid Spiffy Spearmint Lip Balm, Hero Stick (anti-itch rash salve), and Cool Conditioner while you’re at it. They also got a thumbs-up for safety.

Available at Rockridge Kids in Oakland, and at trukid.com.

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