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Pet Madness


And the winner is... Schweini! Give this little "piggy" a couple of high paws as he gets the nod in this year's Pet Madness contest! Congratulations to all the "Final Four" winners below, who got certificates to some great local restaurants. And as always, a big thank you to everyone who submitted their adorable pics along with all the heart-warming testimonials about why your pet is the best: scroll to the bottom of this page to see all of this year's entries (and CLICK HERE to check out last year's winners).

Thanks to Sonia Lamel from Lafayette!

"Schweini or “piglet” found me just as I made my way into adulthood. He has been the constant in my “mature” life and I know he will be there through many of my life-defining moments. We instantly developed camaraderie. He lays awake with me as I work late into the night, and he takes me out during the day to explore the natural wonders of the bay area. Not a day gone by that he hasn’t brought me to tears with laughter -nor one when I was on the verge of tears that he hasn’t licked my face until that little tongue induced uncontrollable giggles. His natural propensity to be a companion and clown in a dog suit has reminded me what the important things are in life: laughter, love, family, and bringing those elements to others :)"







Thanks to Jennifer Saake from Danville!

"Sophie, my English Bulldog, is the best because anyone who looks at her will smile."








Thanks to Ronni Maestas from Walnut Creek for submitting Molly and Buster!

"My Havanese littermates are the definition of pure joy. They are best buddies and love each other and their human family with equal enthusiasm. Miss Molly (L) is the brains of the operation—brilliant, funny and confident with personality to spare. Buster (R) is a sweet, gentle soul who just loves to love you. The world is simply a better and more joyful place with my babies in it."

Thanks to Beverly Sanchez from Walnut Creek for submitting Tanner!

"Tanner loves to play, loves to sleep with me and is the best friend a person could have."

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