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Home Sweet Home

Building an ice-cream dream house, from the ground up.


Rachelle Cihonski

Walnut Creek’s Ice Monster, which opened last summer, serves up popular Taiwanese treats your kids will love: creamy milk teas with boba pearls, shaved snow ice—and a specialty that rivals the witch’s edible candy house in Hansel and Gretel.  

The ice-cream bread houses, known as “honey toast” in Taiwan, come in the form of five pre-
designed abodes, but you can be the architect of your own dream home (it’s the perfect size for a family of four) by putting a unique twist on the confection.

Here are the blueprints for personalizing your own sweet treat, from foundation to satellite dish. 2230 Oak Grove Rd., Walnut Creek, (925) 988-8022, facebook.com/usicemonster.  


The Breakdown

❶  Foundation: decorative swirls of sauces, such as strawberry or blueberry syrup.

❷  Walls and floor: a hollowed-out bread block. The removed bread is cut into nine breadsticks, baked with honey and a secret mixture, and placed back inside the buttered and toasted bread house.

❸  Roof: two large scoops of ice cream, with whipped cream to seal gaps and secure toppings.

❹  Chimney: two waffle sticks. Choose from three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, or apple.

❺  Exterior decor: toppings such as fresh fruit, Oreos, chocolate chips, sweet red bean (a Taiwanese favorite), or mochi.

❻  Satellite dish: a macaron. Every house comes with one in chocolate, hazelnut, raspberry, caramel, or pistachio.

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