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Chef Cash


Walnut Creek-based financial planner Greg Warner’s new Cookbook for Money offers advice to women on managing money and setting priorities. Here are some fresh-from-the-oven tips for good money management.

  • Treat the media’s financial advice like gossip. It may sound interesting, but it’s not always right.

  • Don’t become a victim of identity theft. Protect your personal information and learn the warning signs of potential fraud. “‘Phishing’ e-mails look very official, but ignore them. Your bank will never ask you for account information by e-mail.”

  • Teach your kids the most important skill they don’t learn in school: money management. Talk to your children about money whenever you’re spending it—while grocery shopping or paying the bill at a restaurant. And don’t turn their bedroom into a toy store. “I don’t think parents should buy everything their kids want,” says Warner. “Let them save up the $30 or $40 to buy the newest video game, if they really want it.”


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