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Pet Peeves


Each month, Diablo asks readers to send us their grievances about life in the East Bay. In this edition, readers kvetch about screwy lights, messy sidewalks, and obsessive turn signalers.

  • Turn Left on Blanksign: San Ramon Valley Boulevard at the corner of Norris Canyon Road in San Ramon has two street signs that are faded and scratched. If you don’t already know where you are, you wouldn’t be able to read the sign to find out.
  • But It Wasn’t Your Dog: Dog droppings on the cement while walking my dog at the Rheem Shopping Center in Moraga. Ugh!
  • Hands Off: Coworkers feeling my belly [and asking] when I will be pregnant, since I have been married for almost two years.
  • Crepuscular Cars: People driving at dusk with their headlights off.
  • That Light Ain’t Right: The traffic light recently installed on Pleasant Hill Road at Condit in Lafayette. The speed limit is 45 mph, but with the new stoplight, it is impossible to maintain the limit and continue through the light.
  • If a Turn Signal Blinks in a Forest … : Drivers in their own personal fog who don’t know they are confusing traffic by having a turn blinker on—when they have no intention of turning!

Pour us more of your finest whines! Send your favorite nuisances to petpeeves@maildiablo.com.

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