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Ticked Off


Piedmont native Carol Martin had always volunteered for good causes. But after being diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2000, her work got personal. She’s now dedicated herself to educating people about this debilitating illness.

Martin—whose symptoms included arthritis, numbness, and “a crawly feeling” under her scalp—raises awareness by lecturing about the disease and investigating the latest research. She even dressed as a tick for Danville’s Fourth of July Parade (above). Here are her suggestions for keeping your family safe.

Tips for a Lyme-free Life:

  • Do a tick check with a partner after you’ve spent time outdoors: Look behind the ears, in hair, and on the body, and carefully brush off anything that looks like a speck of dirt.
  • If you’ve been bitten and have flulike symptoms, get tested.
  • Use insect repellent to keep ticks off.
  • If planning a picnic, scout for your spot from the parking lot. Don’t brush around in tall grass looking for the perfect place to set up the blanket and basket.


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