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May Style Tips

Top of the Ladder


Diablos most stylish executives have climbed the corporate ladder, looking fabulous every step of the way. If you are ready for a promotion, try these tips, and the corner office with a window will be yours…

*Dress as if you hold a position two levels higher than your current one. If management sees that you are have “EQ” (Executive Quality), they will be more inclined to give you the next career opportunity.

*“Business Casual” means one step down from traditional business attire—so jeans and sneakers is not appropriate. A jacket (that can be removed) with slacks or skirt, over a knit top or blouse, with leather-soled shoes is the relaxed, yet business-y look to go with.

*Hosiery is not necessary if you are comfortable with bare legs. If you choose to wear hose, go with a nude shade that matches your skintone—not “suntan,” “taupe,” or “black.” Save black for evening! (With a closed-toe shoe, please.)

*Keep accessories quiet. Clanging bracelets and necklaces, as well as “clip-clop” shoes, can be very distracting to your co-workers—and to your clients!

*Finally, if you are attending a party after office hours, wear a fabulous wrap dress to work that day, slip into the ladies room at the end of the day for a quick change (shoes, jewelry, wrap), and you are all set to go. Changing into a cocktail dress is too much fuss.


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