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Meet: Becky Worley

Television correspondent makes tech talk easy.


Becky Worley’s commute takes her from her home in Oakland to millions of homes across America—instantly. The technology contributor for Good Morning America wakes up at 3:30 a.m., puts on her makeup, and goes into her kitchen, where she opens her laptop and logs on to Skype. Within the hour, Worley is chatting with GMA hosts George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts about technology’s latest trends.

“I have a job that did not exist five or 10 years ago,” says Worley. “I set up my laptop camera and microphone, link to a regular broadband connection, and I’m on a network morning show broadcast live from coast to coast. And here’s a secret: Often, I’m wearing my pajama pants when I’m on the air.”

Sitting in a Peet’s Coffee in Montclair, the 40-year-old Worley blends right in with the other East Bay moms. Her down-to-earth approachability may be the reason why, despite doing 50 live segments per year for five years as GMA’s tech expert, she’s only been recognized in public once. Worley is also Yahoo’s top tech-lifestyle commentator, and she often streams segments about gadgets and websites. These various platforms are all part of a multimedia broadcasting career that has turned Worley into the Martha Stewart of technology.

“Technology is no longer for geeks; it’s part of everyone’s lifestyle now,” says Worley. “But the information can still be overwhelming. I try to provide simple solutions to high-tech problems. Anytime I can help someone save money or time, I’ve done my job.”

A good example is a recent episode of her Upgrade Your Life series on Yahoo, showing how to safeguard your smart phone against hackers and identity thieves.

Worley grew up in Maui. While working for a TV news station in Seattle in the late 1990s, she became fascinated with the fast-moving technology culture and quickly jumped into the field, which had been dominated by young men. She moved to the Bay Area to work for a program called Tech TV, before hosting National Geographic Channel’s Mother of All and landing her gig at GMA. When she’s not being a tech geek, she and her partner, Jane, and their three-year-old twins like to hike the East Bay trails.

Talking about technology and new inventions means that Worley is never at a loss for content. She digs into her purse and pulls out a pair of battery-operated jump rope handles. “These are ropeless jump ropes I need to test for a 20/20 special I am doing about infomercial products [airing in May],” Worley says, with a cheerful laugh. “I have a closet at home filled with egg boilers and Slankets for every occasion!"

Tech Tips

Favorite App: Find my iPhone for iPhones and iPads, or Lookout for Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones. If you lose your phone or tablet, you can find its GPS coordinates via an online account. If your device has been stolen, you can remove all your private info remotely.

Favorite New Gadget: Powerline’s new Powercup Inverter, which plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, then provides two standard electrical plugs and a USB port. The best part: It looks just like a coffee cup.

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