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Barrel of Fun

Enjoy barrel aged cocktails at Walnut Creek Yacht Club.


It seems like cocktails keep getting more and more elaborate. Now, Walnut Creek Yacht Club has added yet another wrinkle: barrel aging. According to bar manager Jay Crabb, who started the program earlier this year, the process allows the drink’s ingredients to blend more fully while picking up new characteristics from the barrel.  

“The idea is that you’ll get a smoother, mellower cocktail with much deeper flavor notes,” he says.



Simple spirit-based drinks work best: no fruit juices, syrups, or purees. Crabb has three barrels, with three different cocktails, going at any given time.


The cocktails sit for up to 12 weeks in new two-liter charred oak barrels, which lend subtle vanilla and char notes, just like with wine. 


We loved the Negroni. The barrel aging mellowed the
typically bitter bite of Campari, resulting in a richer, smoother drink.

Look for three new barrel-aged cocktails available starting in early May. 1555 Bonanza St., Walnut Creek, (925) 944-3474, wcyc.net.

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