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Geared-Up Jackets

Fashion forward jackets made from old car seats.



Platinum Dirt founder Dustin Page was driving his beat-up ’91 Volvo when he had a moment of inspiration. “I made the connection between how everything distressed is now in, as far as fashion, and I was like, ‘What if I made a jacket out of old car seats?’ ” The next week, the Oakland-based designer drove to the Pick-n-Pull salvage yard in Richmond, spent five hours stripping an old Cadillac, and made the first of his striking VIN jackets, sporting such auto-chic features as VIN numbers emblazoned on the chest and hood ornaments dangling from zippers. And they’re all made with beautiful, naturally aged leather. “Everyone wants a pair of jeans that look like they’ve been around the world,” he says. “Well, these jackets already have 100,000 miles on ’em.”

477 25th St., Oakland, (510) 717-1675, platinumdirt.com. CLICK HERE for more on Page.


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