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More Outdoor Fitness Ideas

Inspired by our May issue, where we highlighted 30 ways to get in shape in the great outdoors? Here are our other favorite ways to exercise outside.


Extreme Climb

The most extreme way to hike your way to the top of a mountain isn't on two feet, but roped into a harness, scrambling up a rocky cliff face. Scaling Mt. Diablo is one of the best climbs in the East Bay. Before hitting an outdoor rock climb, Diablo Rock Gym Manager Hans Florine recommends training inside to learn the ropes. “Training at a rock gym gives you access to ropes and harnesses which are interchangeable, as well as a place to network with other climbers.” After you’ve been fitted for shoes, bought (or borrowed) ropes and harnesses, grab a friend and head out to Rock City or Boy Scout Rock, where climbers are welcome to give the mountain their best go. But be warned, most mountaineers tire after 20 minutes. —Miranda Adler
Calories burned in an hour: 780
Price: $10 parking fee
Amount of time: 20 minutes


Get Mudder Tough

Signed up for the July Tahoe Tough Mudder event, but don’t know where to begin? Associate Editor Kristen Haney tackled the course last year and lived to talk about it. In our April issue’s "Are You Tough Enough," she breaks down the course and what to expect. If you’re already in the thick of prepping for the event, check out her first-person training series:

Tough Mudder 101
Getting Serious—The Training
Finding Motivation
Taking a Break:
Gearing Up
It’s Here!
Making it to the Finish


Whip Your Butt in Shape

Ditch the gym and gain a network of new friends by trying Gumsaba bootcamp. The Best of the East Bay winner offers multiple classes per day, and uses everything from ropes to sandbags to jump ropes to whip you into shape during its outdoor workouts. Read more about the company here, and get the skinny with a first-person account. gumsaba.com.

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