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Our Final Frontier

The starship Enterprise crew explores the Tri-Valley.


© 2012 Paramount Pictures

Plot details of Star Trek: Into Darkness are very hush-hush, but we do know that scenes from the hotly anticipated sequel were filmed at Lawrence Livermore Lab. We also know that cast members were spotted at Dean’s Café and Hooters during the shoot. So before the movie opens on May 15, here are the storylines we would love to see for how the Tri-Valley plays into the Final Frontier.


© 2012 Paramount Pictures· It’s 2297, and the light-bulb in the Livermore firehouse is still burning. Scotty needs to harness its power to recharge dilithium crystals and push the Enterprise into warp speed.

· Klingons face off against Romulans in an epic battle for the last parking spot at the Livermore Premium Outlets.

· Mr. Spock, secretly embarrassed about his looks, visits a Pleasanton plastic surgeon for earpoint reduction surgery.

· Romulan Ale is added to Livermore’s First Street Alehouse menu.

· Captain Kirk breaks the Prime Directive to slingshot back in time for some Livermore Valley wine tasting. Plot foiled when Kirk runs into and hooks up with entire Hooters waitstaff.

· Zoe “Uhura” Saldana drops by Diablo’s offices and just hangs out for a while. (This, please.)

Star Trek opens in IMAX theaters on May 15 and in a multiplex near you on May 17. 


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